Niemi-Erkkilä Sheepfarm

Calming spirit of countrylife, clean nature and friendly animals are waiting for you.


Find out how we live here at the sheepfarm, help us take care of the animals or just hang out with the lambs. Walk on trails in the forest all the way to the seashore and after the walk sit down at the campfire and enjoy a snack. Explore the Forestmindwalk with a trained guide or just enjoy our rich nature at the organic farm.

Spend a night in an old countryhouse, camp near the sea or in the middle of a local fishing village at the island of Ohtakari.

Prices starting at 50€ per person.


Niemi-Erkkilä Sheepfarm

Niemenperäntie 91

68230 Lohtaja

+358 504 127 318

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